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A doorway to nightmares never truly closes…

No one knows exactly why they shut it down, or why the townsfolk refuse to acknowledge it exists, but Junko Nakahara has always wondered about the abandoned building on the edge of town, and why she always felt drawn to its seemingly ancient architecture.

One night, while telling stories with her friends, Rise Nishikawa and Jun Shimazaki, Junko asks them to join her in exploring the run-down building. With little protest, they agree, unaware of the nightmares about to unfold.

Welcome to the Theatre of Dreams

Corpse Party: Gateway is a fangame separate from any canon story in the many Corpse Party universes. Using an ancient theater as the setting, CP: GW will take the player on a journey through the history of a town with dark secrets, ancient evil, and restless revenants bent on killing any who walk the ancient halls.

The fate of Junko and her friends lie in the balance. Can you make it out alive and escape the Gateway of Nightmares?

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