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This was the exchange between xRyz and I. I may have sounded full of it, but seriously, I do advertise DWAI in multiple ways. I put information about the community out. If people find me on Youtube without knowing about DWAI, I’ve given them a gateway to DWAI. 

Sure, by using DWAI, I put my name out there. It’s a mutual thing at the end of the day.

Apparently, advertising DWAI on other sites is not within the realms of dedication. Hell, I’m not even sure dedication and loyalty are in DWAI’s dictionary at this point.

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  1. jinxero reblogged this from sharkyhatofficial and added:
    really Ryz, lack of dedication… have you ever seen his channels, watched his videos, read his post… every single one of...
  2. xryz said: You are full of absolute shit. :P Have fun and good luck with whatever you decide to do after DWAI.
  3. joshandmuffins said: i came in late so i dont know what happened earlier. But you will be missed and i hope to game with you in the future
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